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mirror grinding machine design

CUHK Invents World-class Intelligent Grinding Machine for

1 Apr 2008 The design and making of systems of lens and mirrors to effectuate This intelligent grinding machine also features new designs in the tool

Mirror Grinding Machine

For a long time I've wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors. Dennis Rech's M-o-M designs finally inspired me to just get up and do it. Over the

mirror grinder page

I started thinking about building my own mirror grinding machine several years The current project really started out as a design exercise for my CAD work,

The Design and Manufacture of a Large CNC Grinding Machine for

The Design and Manufacture of a Large CNC Grinding Machine for Off-Axis Mirror. Segments. William J. Wills-Moren (2). Cranfield Precision Engineering

Inventions Free Full-Text Towards High Productivity in Precision

12 Apr 2018 However, a schematic of a special-purpose grinding machine is shown in Figure 3 as an example of innovative designs produced to achieve high productivity in the grinding of high precision mirrors and lenses [5]. Whereas

Constructing grinding and polishing machines - SAO/NASA ADS

Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour of love: great fun at first Machine design Any amateur contemplating the construction of a machine

Astronomy Options Astronomy, Mirror Making, Telescopes

29 Aug 2016 i have been considering a larger refined telescope design my last post on grinding, polishing and figuring my plate glass mirror, or as So with the machine, I was dead set on getting the mirror completely done in 6 months.

Lens & Mirror Making • Best lenses and mirrors are both made by

Hand grinding takes several days. • Grinding machines designed to create exact same pattern. • Can adjust stroke, positions etc – auto rotates mirror and tool.

Motor and Gearbox for a Computerized Mirror Grinding Machine

13 Feb 2014 Gordon Waite shows you the 3-phase motor and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) that he is installing on the computer-controlled mirror grinding

Grinding Metre-Scale Mirror Segments for the E-ELT Ground - Core

1.45 metre scale Zerodur® mirror segment for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) is stiff and well damped grinding machines such as the Tetraform. [9]. figure 4, has been designed for manufacturing high precision low.

Mirror Polishing Machines. Mirror Polisher. - RC200+RC250 - NS

Round tubes finishing and mirror polishing in one flexible machine. belt grinding machines which make finishing, buffing and mirror polishing in The quick change of contact roller for polishing wheel and the flexibility of design of RC in

Design of Ultra⁃Precision CNC Grinding Machine and Its

doi:10.11916/j.issn.1005⁃9113.2015.02.009. Design of Ultra⁃Precision CNC Grinding Machine and Its Application in Machining Large Aspheric Mirrors.

Making the 20 inch Conical Mirror Pierre Lemay

One of the design goals was to have a 75 pound OTA, a formidable objective. My grinding machine, shown in these pictures, was based on Dilworth's grinding

Mirror Grinding Process Parameter Selection and Design

Mirror grinding mainly depends on the precision of the machine tool, cutting and through selection and design of various process parameters in grinding, such

Development of a Laboratory Metallographic Grinding/Polishing

21 Jan 2019 dimensional architectural design was done to obtain a clear vision grinding/polishing machine showed a metallic specimen that was well ground and well-polished to mirror-like form for further metallographic examination.

Ritchey Mirror Grinding Machine - National Air and Space Museum

George Willis Ritchey built this mirror grinding machine at the Yerkes design approach to making large telescope mirrors whereby the grinding tool is drawn

A history of polishing machines - Astrosurf

Model of the machine imagined by Leonardo da Vinci to grind mirrors. Model of the Polishing machine designed by Henry Draper (1850). But throughout this

Mirror Grinding Machine - YouTube

24 Jun 2013 this is my nearly completed fixed post mirror grinder. still some work to do left, but this is a test for functionality. there's also a short vid on my

Mirror Grinding Machine Hackaday

26 Sep 2006 Instead of lapping the blank by hand, Laurie Hall built this mirror grinding machine from scratch. His site has notes covering his mirror creation

Mike Lockwood Telescope Making Mirror Making

Mike Lockwood's Home Page for Telescope Making and Mirror Making. Small grinding machine, Large grinding machine Cassegrain design equations

Fixed Post Mirror Grinding Table - designed with 123D Design

This video shows how to setup a mirror grinding machine for fixed-post grinding, also known as spin grinding or spinning. After setup, you'll see how abrasiv.

Grinding and polishing machine - Optics - Norway's largest optical

2 Sep 2017 One must use a mirror that is so flat that a hallway mirror is an alpine landscape in The fixed-post grinding machine is simple but effective.

Design and development by direct polishing of the WFXT thin

20 Nov 2017 The WFXT mirror shells are not only thin, but they are also characterized B) quartz glass tube mounted on the grinding machine at the

Telescope: Ritchey's 60-inch Reflector - Amazing Space

His expertise led astronomer George Ellery Hale to choose him to design the 60-inch First, Ritchey built a machine to grind and polish the glass mirror.

Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors

I designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches [1.1m] in diameter. By slipping on and off a couple of belts, the machine can quickly be

Stellafane Links Page

Glass Fabrication; Mirror Grinding; Grinding Tools; Grinding Machines; Mirror Newtonian Design; Compound Telescope Design; Tilted Component Design

Leonardo Da Vinci's mirror making machines

In his Codice Atlantico, Leonardo offers two of sketches of mirror making machines. One machine is designed for grinding concave mirrors of small focal length.


AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' mark-less and sharp edge mirror grinding is The form of the machine has been developed by advanced three-dimensional design.

telescope mirror grinding / polishing machine with tachometer

14 Feb 2016 The machine is shown grinding a 300 mm mirror. How to build a tachometer:

Astro-Tel - Mirror grinding machine

I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used I based my design on the machine "B" illustrated on the same page above.

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